In "Nostalgia just isn't a Substitute for a real Story", Raven compliments Starfire's hairstyle, that your latter values

On the contrary, currently, the understood occasions of Raven revealing apparent irritability towards Starfire include in "Crazy Day" whenever Starfire joins in the young men' craziness and "Kabooms" when she snaps at Starfire, which pleads the lady is the makeup products artist, to stay down with "will you be kidding myself?

In "The Scoop!", Starfire grieves after Raven delivers the second's waffle manufacturer in to the trash can, unintentionally generating Starfire feels anxious when she and guys disapprove Starfire bonding with all the information and also Starfire happens as far as kidnapping the girl and also the guys to coerce them to inform in which contains the information eliminated before she in addition to guys approve the relationship between Starfire together with information. Thankfully, she plus the kids are increasingly being forgiven by Starfire and all of all of them celebrate for all the affairs they develop attached with.

She later on offers Starfire suggestions about tips properly answer both 80s babes that like the latter's tresses by explaining the meaning associated with jargon.

In "Lil' Dimples", Raven is comforted by Starfire just who tells her that their dad will be the challenge. The woman is after are informed by Starfire on not to ever force herself too much on training the lady party.

In "ladies nights In", Raven can not agree with Starfire's enjoyment concerning on Blackfire's explore and warns the lady that Blackfire simply schemes to beat Earth during their date aided by the different ladies. However, she do think pitiful for Starfire that has been denounced by Blackfire, and together with the other babes, in the end assists Starfire on defeating Blackfire.

In "monster son on a Shelf", Starfire and Raven connection over attracting a derogatory doodle of Santa Claus with the markers on wall surface.

In "Bat Scouts", Starfire brings Raven, Cyborg and monster son each a friendship bracelet she's got generated, which Raven discovers it cool reciprocally.

In "Jam", Starfire and Raven's connection shines if they are rollerblading in sync with each other, contending up against the Brainy Brawlers alongside Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman, including pursuing the three Gotham Sirens with a very good show of friendship and solidarity following a couple of them recognize the 3 villainesses posses deceived all of them.

Notwithstanding their particular nearness, there are still events wherein Raven's actions create Starfire distressed. In "next Christmas", Raven, Cyborg and Beast son become envious that Starfire gets the possible opportunity to enjoy a aˆ?second Christmasaˆ? so they make-up one minute Christmas. Following the facts are uncovered by three (because of Robin's power), Raven attempts to apologize but Starfire happens peanuts and Raven lays involuntary making use of the three young men and Silkie and becomes taken to medical center following the Tower gets blown-up. Also, in "Secret yard", Starfire is certainly not pleased to see Raven entering the landscaping without approval and soon after Starfire is heartbroken observe Raven draining the life power from the blooms. In "actual Art", Starfire actually goes as far as trapping Raven plus the boys inside the art gallery via Rainbow Raider's support only because Raven therefore the young men got harsh views regarding the pet painting she ordered from Rainbow Raider.

" (though she's to kindly Starfire by praising the outfits as "very great"). The harshest time occurs when Starfire (as magnificent Quad) turns evil along with the rest associated with the boys once the people in League of feet and Raven (as Mega Legasus) crushed their legs (counting Starfire's) so that you can diminish the wicked power in the legs.


Raven is generally annoyed by Cyborg's immaturity and selfishness, specially when the guy leads to stress along with his companion monster guy or compels this lady to participate in strategies she dislikes, but deep-down she cares about your.